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St. Louis Brain Injury Attorneys

Helping Victims of Neurological/Brain Injury for almost 30 years

Many head injuries result in neurological symptoms. These cases can be very challenging due to the lack of physical, material evidence of injury. While signs of injury may be difficult to prove, this does not make the victim's suffering any less real, or diminish their right to pursue compensation for their losses in any way.

Common Symptoms of Neurological Injuries

Symptoms can be subtle, and may include:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Unusual irritability
  • Short term or long term memory loss
  • Decreased tolerance
  • Sudden and unexplained changes in the victim's personality
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Social self-isolation
  • Lack of impulse control
  • Frustration
  • Hostility toward others

Have Experience on Your Side

At McCloskey Law Center, we have extensive experience representing the victims of serious brain injuries. Since his father worked as a head and neck surgeon, Attorney Mark McCloskey grew up exposed to the world of medicine. From a young age, Attorney McCloskey knew he wanted to be a lawyer and protect the rights of individuals who had suffered serious injuries. Collectively, our lawyers have more than 50 years of experience. In this time, we have helped our clients recover millions of dollars for damages caused by head and brain injuries.

One of our clients suffered a closed-head injury after striking her head due to a defective bathtub spout in a hotel bathroom. She did not lose consciousness and had no physical signs of damage, but her injury caused a change in personality that resulted in the loss of her job, her friends, and her quality of life. We relentlessly fought for her, and a jury in St. Louis awarded her four million dollars in compensation.

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Speak with our St. Louis injury lawyers at McCloskey Law Center about your case today. We understand the nuances of neurological injuries, and appreciate the grave reality of what you are going through. Our lawyers are familiar with hundreds of the world's most renowned experts in the field of medicine. We know how to protect your rights and prove your injuries to a jury. Call our office to schedule your free consultation today.